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Did you know each day we are suseptable to breathing in millions of different bacteria, odours, gases, germs, viruses, pollen, dust and mould just to name a few, all of this can spread diseases, cause allergy attacks or other breathing conditions or worse could be entering your body with harmful chemicals which could be exposing you to long term health risks.

Traditionally air purification systems have used one or two different filtration components which can still leave you largely exposed to other harmful elements. The Labanda Air system is one of the only Air Purification systems, which has a 5 in 1 Filtration design that has the ability to completely remove and detoxify the harmful elements in the air which until now have gone unnoticed.

But theres more, not only does this system protect you from inhaling such pollutants it releases negative ions into the air, these have commonly been known as the “Vitamins in the air”. This amazing function promotes a feel good state of wellbeing.

Our System :-

  • It kills 99.99% of all Airborne Bacteria, Viruses, Pollen, Gases and other nasties, which are in our air. It uses leading 5-in1 Multi-filtering System Technology and Capacitor Motor: Consist of TiO2 Photocatalyst filter, HEPA filter with microbial control, active carbon filter, UV-C sterilization and negative ionizer. In English by the time the air has gone through the 5 in 1 system which enables our system to kill even the tiniest and almost invisible airborne threats to your health.
  • Intellectual Mode with Automatic Sensor: Wind speed is adjusted accordingly when the air quality changes. Red, Purple and Blue colors on the screen indicate dissatisfactory, normal and excellent level of the air quality.

Our customers that have purchased the unit for both home and business use have indicated to us that they are extremely pleased for the following reasons;

  • Drasticly reducing the amount of sick leave taken by employee’s
  • Business owners have reported more productivity and performance from their staff
  • Retailers have reported an increase in sales
  • Reducing risk of sickness of families with small children and animals